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"Art is the song of the heart. Each creation you carefully make with that slendered pencil causes a new world to be born. From sadness to happiness, art is what makes it magic. Art is what keeps OUR world from turning gray..." ~Wolf-Chalk
First of all before you click that button to see my Gallery... STOP! I have some rules I'd like you to follow.

1. Be honest when commenting on any picture but any flaming will NOT be tolerated. Cyber bullying is something I do NOT tolerate in the slightest.

2. All artwork you see is my property. The characters are sometimes mine, others are property of other DA users like myself and companies (Which is fan art in that case obviously.) Do NOT take my artwork or use it without my word.

3. Enjoy looking. If you obey my rules here, we'll get along quite well.



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Hey! Will you be joining "The Underground City?" the-underground-city.deviantar… It needs some love and members! 

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Boba Bobby :Wolf-Chalk:
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
ID by the awesome *ReiReivax

The name is Wolf-Chalk and this is my gallery. Feel free to walk around, look at some works and comment, whether they be compliments or your thoughts on a picture such as how good or how bad it is C: I like critiques long as they aren't flamey :nod: You may call me Wolfie, Wolfy, Chalks-A-Lot or even Amadi C: Jen works too if you wanna use my name.
:iconseason-of-white: :iconseason-of-white: :iconseason-of-white: 

[You all know this one~ :'3]

The year is 1909. The place is Nome, Alaska.

Nome is thriving and its streets are abuzz from all those who had moved north with the Gold Rush. The main entertainment of the town, however, isn't so much the Gold Rush alone as it is Dog sledding. Sled Dogs are held in high esteem with the beginning of organized dogsled racing, races proving a dog's worth and giving their owner bragging rights.

With the influx of humans due to the gold rush, the amount of dogs (both pets and strays) has risen as well. These dogs are used for everything; from companionship to herding, working, pulling, tracking and hunting. Without mans best friend, work in Nome just couldn't get done.

While the town is a Human and Dog's world, the world outside Nome's borders is not a safe place for those not wild at heart. With Alaska's wilderness right at the doorstep, how easy can life really be on the frontier?

:iconthe-underground-city: :iconthe-underground-city: :iconthe-underground-city:

[Been in this group for awhile now and feel sad it has so little people in it. You all need to join this! If you do, look my character Sophia Hart for a RP!]

  Deep underneath the ground; left unknown to man and others who live on the surface, was a city. No one knew how this city came to be, not even those who claimed it as their home.
  It's building walls elegantly carved from stone and it's decor that which could only have been made by man. The crystals stood from the walls of the cities caves showing with a dim light, just bright enough to be as though they emitted an evenings light.

  These crystals were far from ordinary gems, for their light was a constant changing color, and while the cities inhabitants could not feel the changes of the seasons above, they could tell based on the colors of the crystals around them.

  The citizens of this city were not humans, for they were felines, escaped from the surface world as catastrophe struck their homeland, forcing them to flee to the underground through tunnels which collapsed behind them in their escape, trapping them beneath the surface.
  After what seemed like months in the darkness, the cats began to notice new markings appearing on their pelts; or more specifically, on their tails.
Not only where these markings strange in the fact that they had suddenly appeared, they also were strange new colors, that had never been known to grow as cat fur! Their vibrancy was such that they seemed to illuminate the tunnel around the cats. Soon they learned that they didn't only seem to, for the markings were actually glowing.

It was the luminescence of these new markings that guided the cats further into the tunnels until they stumbled across the city that was soon to become their home.

They lived there for many generations, food was plentiful for an underground lake provided them with water and drew small lizards and other creatures to its path, even the soil around the lake was fertile and was home to many plants that had some how managed to survive without the suns light.

A government was established with a mayor at its lead, a new one being elected each new year with a parliament to assist whoever held the lead position.
Life was normal as though it was that of any other cities above them.

...Then chaos struck, it started with a small flood. Now, with this being said, floods are not small, not in the least. But in comparison to what came next... one could call it small.
The citizens worked together to fix the city, learning ways to make concrete from the different stones that they crushed and ground with mud and water into a paste. This worked and the city was up and almost everything was normal again within no more then a month.
Everyone was so relieved and proud of their hard work that they never expected what happened next.

An earthquake hit, sending most of the buildings to rubble, while the city had faced earthquakes before, it had never faced something of this magnitude, not even before the cats had claimed it as their home.
Many of the city's citizens were killed in the earthquake, and the few who survived were forced to flee.

Several months passed as the few surviving citizens traveled the tunnels underground, there was little food to be found.
They gave up; starving and defeated, and returned to their old destroyed city. Once there they noticed new light showing a tunnel at the city's lowest point, it was dim, but not the same light of the crystals that they knew.

Following it, the found that it led deeper into the earth, and it grew warmer and brighter the deeper they went.
Suddenly the tunnel opened up into a cavern, the ceiling far above them and the ground on either side of them falling far beneath them, exposing lava, leaving a thin path for them to follow, and making their skin burn beneath their pelts.
Some of the cats wanted to go back to the old city, they would rather make homes in the rubble than continue wandering aimlessly, but others wanted to move onward, they missed their home but they felt that there was a new one not that far ahead of them.

Their disagreement soon turned to a full argument, then into a fight. Claws were unsheathed and blood was shed before the group who wanted to go ahead simply decided to leave the others and continue onward. The others watched them with uncertainty, but still decided to return to their old home.

Several years passed as both groups of cats survived, however they each changed very much in their time apart from one another.
Those who returned to the original city grew far more used to the heat that radiated from the lava, reaching their home, as they found that they could gather the stones near it and use them to make markings on the stones in their city. They also grew more nimble due to needing to weave through the rubble of their home.

And those who found the new lands found that they needed to learn to stand on their hind-legs in order to reach the moss and lizards that claimed the cracks and holes that were higher up along the cave and tunnel walls.
Soon they grew so used to walking on two legs that they stopped using their fore-legs to walk all together, and as generations passed their fore-paws became almost hand like.
Because of this, they were able to build their own homes from loose stones and the same cement that they had Moose's learned to make during the times of the floods.

Eventually the two cities regained contact with one-another and set up a trade route.
Yet, all was well for only a few months before tensions began to rise. The New Age city cats saw themselves as a higher class and began to look down on the Traditional ones.

For now their connections hold, but loosely. And only time will tell if they will keep their grasp on peace firm, or if chaos will once again rain upon the cats of The Underground City.


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